I am Mercedes Diaz, a full-time copywriter with a passion for business and learning. In addition to five years of professional writing experience, I carry a Bachelor's in Business, and years working in management, legal compliance, and quality assurance. Each job has helped me develop as a writer, heightened my eye for detail, and given me insight into how to present useful and actionable information.

I specialize in writing information-driven blogs and articles for small and medium-sized businesses. 

So what about me, the person behind the screen? I am an avid reader, mom, wife, writer, and many other labels besides. To run through a list of fun personality tidbits, I'm an ENTP, Slytherin (no shame here), D of DISC, and E of SELF. Basically, I'm an extrovert with a deep drive to help people develop regardless of the capacity or medium. I question things often, but always with good intentions. Finally, I struggle between continually improving what I do and balancing that with the idea that the goal of perfection shouldn't defeat good work.

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