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Successful restaurant concept ideas — Poster

Restaurants of all shapes, sizes, and renditions need that special something to make them stand-out. Through creativity, luck, or thorough planning, many restaurants have reached peak success simply because of their concept. These promising concepts are vastly different, but all cater to a particular type of customer. It's a general idea about the experience a restaurant offers. The restaurant concept should be built on a chosen business model and define the restaurants theme, style of service,

The Coronavirus and Work – How You Can Earn an Income During Quarantine | SkipTheDrive

In just a manner of weeks, our entire daily routines have changed, from leaving for work in the morning to plugging our phones in at night. At this time, 17 states have already started or announced official start dates within the next few days for all non-essential workers to remain at home. Up until a few weeks ago, we saw the effects of COVID-19 on the stock market, but now people are worried about the impact on their bank accounts. As millions of Americans must stay home from work without an

Will the Coronavirus Change the Work-From-Home Landscape? | SkipTheDrive

In the last five years, there’s been a 44% growth in remote work, but the Coronavirus or COVID-19 might cause that number to skyrocket. As of early March, there were over 116,000 cases worldwide and over 4,000 deaths. When you have an outbreak of a fast-spreading virus that could be contagious for up to two weeks, one of the best solutions is to keep people at home to stop it from wreaking so much havoc. Companies that allow their staff to work from home, especially in high-risk areas, can help

Why Negative Glassdoor Reviews are Killing Your Recruitment Efforts

Glassdoor is a hub for job seekers to not only access open positions but to vet employers as well. However, disgruntled or angry former employers often use these employer review sites to rant or use them as a sounding board for their frustrations. The average rating on Glassdoor is 3.3, and it’s pretty reasonable to assume that many in that range provide a better experience than their reviews reflect. Stats and Facts on Glassdoor and Workplace Review Sites Glassdoor is the most well-known and

Lack of an employer brand causing high turnover?

Do you have an employer brand? You might and not even know it. An employer brand is public and the industry’s perception of your business as an employer. You can take charge and begin controlling your employer brand. And you should because it can be a significant factor in your current turnover rate. You can be among the top such as Google, which hosts a blog for employees to share their experiences working for the company. Or, you can fall in line with Abercrombie and Fitch. The result is that

Restaurant Industry Trends for 2020: New Trends in the Restaurant Industry | Poster POS

The food and beverage industry faces constant change and various challenges but that hasn’t stopped the industry from flourishing. The 2019 worth of the restaurant industry is $863 billion, which is up from 2018's value of $825 billion. As a whole, the business will continue to thrive, but independent restaurants will feel the impact of shifting restaurant industry trends. Every year restaurant owners must decide how to handle changing guest preferences, challenges such as the labor shortage, a

Potential Pitfalls of Headless Commerce and How to Avoid Them

Why is it just popping up now? For centuries, the only way to purchase something was to interact with another person. While supply chain developments and industrial revolutions changed the behind-the-scenes process for making a purchase, for consumers the experience remained largely the same. The technological revolution has changed how consumers engage with companies, finally leading to the development of headless commerce. eCommerce, which still caters towards people shopping from a desktop r

20 Restaurant Metrics & How to Calculate Them | Poster POS

Restaurants owners use many metrics for consistent evaluation of independent restaurants as well as the industry collectively. The National Restaurant Association uses them to provide meaningful insight into the industry’s health and what to expect in the future. The four key performance indicators include sales, traffic, labor, and capital expenditures. These areas will break down into many smaller and more specific restaurant metrics to drive decision making and self-evaluation. Each metric pr

6 Benefits of Data Visualization: Engaging Your Audience

As all of us living within the Age of Information know, we are not suffering from a shortage of data. We can however, become overwhelmed by the amount of data presented to us at home, at work and through our phones. We somehow need to sort and process this vast amount information to decipher what we should be paying attention to. During this process, we focus on the messages that stand out to us most and filter out the rest, as a business it’s important that your messages get through, and do not

7 Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips for Running Ads | Poster POS

Managing social media for restaurants is far more complex than many restaurant owners initially believe. It can be among the first restaurant marketing ideas that come to your mind. However, it requires more than posting regularly and inviting people in for the occasional promotion. Thankfully, there are many ways to automate and plan your marketing so that social media won't take up all of your time. With the right social media marketing practices in place you can get more locals in your door,

How Customer Portal Helps Sage Software Grow Business

How A Customer Portal Can Help Your Sage Software Implementation Grow Your Business If you don’t have a self-service, or customer portal, for your site, you are missing out on many growth opportunities. Technology has finally caught up to the many needs and demands of customers. Use it to your advantage. Whether you are already a Sage user or considering the change, Sage software and customer portals go hand in hand. Together they can open new paths of communication with your customers and gat

10 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Restaurant Promotion in 2020 | Poster POS

It's one of the holidays that doesn't require the entire family to head out. Valentine's day is nearly here, and that means date nights and full restaurants. Couples celebrate Valentine’s day dinner in a restaurant to get a romantic experience, As a restaurant manager, you should have a pull of great restaurant marketing ideas and try to make your guests' experience extra special. One of the Busiest Restaurant Days of the Year Table reservations and waiting in a lobby can kill a romantic night